Thursday, May 2, 2002

My 1.75 year old son makes a very good 802.11b signal blocker. If he happens to be standing between the laptop and the base station, I lose about 50% of the signal. How odd.
6:41:54 PM    

I had been forwarding the half dozen or so Nigerian Oil Scam messages I receive each day to the SEC. But, it seems they are overwhelmed, as it is. I can't believe the volume of pyramid scheme spam and the 'advance fee fraud' scheme spams that go around. Is there anyone left stupid enough to fall for this crap?

Dear Mr. Bumgarner:

Thank you for forwarding to us another AFF e-mail spam you received. This is an example of a "4-1-9" or "advance fee fraud" schemes. You can learn more about this type of fraud by reading the U.S. Secret Service's advisory at

Please do not continue to send the AFF spams either to Enforcement or our office. (We're also inundated.)

Many thanks.


Office of Investor Education and Assistance U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
2:02:51 PM