Friday, September 26, 2003

While installing DSL last night, I needed to boot my laptop from the hard drive in my wife's dual-proc 450 (the dp450 has a stock install of Jaguar, my laptop does not.... but the dp450 has a blown ethernet chip [lightning]).

So, connect a firewire cable between the two, put the dp450 into target disk mode, reboot the TiBook, no problem, right?


Upon powering everything up, the powerbook made a very loud popping noise and shot a bit of smoke out the keyboard in the general vicinity of the firewire port. Then came the unmistakable smell of burnt chips.

So, now my TiBook is down one firewire port.

No iSight.... no target disk mode for backup purposes... no external hard drive... I had no idea how much I actually use the port until it was gone.

Looks like it is about time to exercise the CompUSA extended warranty...
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Sort of a Whole Earth Catalog in WebLog form...

Here are my recommendations for cool stuff. I include any books, tools, software, videos, maps, gadgets, hardware, websites, or gear that are extraordinarily handy or useful for individual and small groups. The best items are those that open up new possibilities.

Recomendo has an RSS feed that I immediately added to Net News Wire.
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