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Monday, December 09, 2002

Interesting WikiWiki page: History of Iterative Development.

I'm interested in a the headings for a cross-Wiki comparison, or a good starting point.  Please send them to me via the email link on the left.

Bill Seitz is doing Wiki ConsultingLaura T's wiki site is sharp...too bad I can't find it again! >:-(.  Someday I'll learn the magic of stylesheets. She has a good article in fixing the dates in SquishDot. (btw, I like the WikiLinks many people use in blogs.) 

Interesting site traffic moniter

Alice 2.0 is out. Wanna try it...must wait till Goodmanson 3.0 is out. ;-)

I've heard that "or" is for persons, "er" is for things.  Site Moniter, Classroom Monitor, as my linguist wife informed me with a follow-up that it's a murky rule.

And to say it again, Scrum continues to amaze me, simple, plenty of stuff for all die-hards to take ownership in, values, metrics, in-your-face goals. Looking forward to 2003.  Wonder wat the folks at OSA think about it...looking forward to fishbowling their new collaboration environments.

I didn't see this great blogging article pop-up much in my readers...  I like the "throw another log on the fire" analogy.

Had a rotten time posting XML examples at WorkBench comments.

I'm in the top 20 hits for searches for Rutabagas. I seem to get 1 hit a day. ;-)

Fighting with DTML the last few days. Zope Catalogs in one corner, me in....knocked out on the floor.  Requested a ZWiki recipe archive to hold basic mixing blocks of ZWiki scripting...we'll see where that goes.  Lots of fundamental features are getting nicely polished, while the code is harder for newbs.   Renamed the ZwikiDataTable stuff to ZwikiRecordBook Sums up ideas better.  ZwikiTracker is getting easier to implement.  Someone submitted a Python script to build a catalog and ZwikiTracker. First time it took me about 15 minutes to type it all in.

Awaiting a Zope book from a Freezope award. The Zope Book 2.6/7 has a request reviewing...should've dug in instead of trying to hatchet away at my ZWiki hacks.  Played with Zope 2.6.  The error information within the ZMI rocks.  I can't seem to get a Poll product working, PIL problems, and worked through a couple issues.  Seems 2.6 demands every function has a docstring. :-)   I've been lurking the Python Doc-Sig list.  It's amazing how fast bug turnaround is.  Looking for another one of those Python-Dev summaries that have started up again.  The Python-URL! stuttured a bit over Thanksgiving.  If you've got a few+ hours on a weekend or a cool link or so...volunteer.


11:15:13 PM    

Spent 10 minutes reading through Radio's .root files and didn't see any blatently recognizable file format.  Jon Udell also motivated me to take a gander:

"It made me realize, though, that adjusting date order wouldn't be too easy. Even if I went through and tweaked the dates in the database."

We have lots to do around home these days so didn't even taking the time to Google.



10:32:10 PM    

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Crazy. The RSS feed is just fine, it's the main page that doesn't display right.

Probably won't hear from me till Monday.

I'll probable have a better report of the awsome book "Agile Software Development Ecosystems" by then, also.

1:22:40 AM    

Tonight I republished many times.

Packed the .root files

Published some more.

Seems a post to the Collaboration Connection may also have been lost.  Arg! 


I'd like to try reinstalling, but pretty sure one of my data files is horked, and the backup notes essentially say backup all but a couple of the files, and most anything to do with data.

Wonder if Phil would have a backup of any of these files worth regathering.

Is there a way to rebuild a Radio install with everything but the .root files? (I think those are my culprit.)

1:15:58 AM    

Home Page test 2. latest Publish Entire Site didn't fail

12:42:34 AM    

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Radio's Event log tells me that :

Can't upstream because "Poorly formed XML text, we were expecting a tag. (At character #420.)"

...but doesn't tell me which file is horked.

Awaiting on a newsgroup response, also.

10:50:44 PM    

Monday, December 02, 2002


having [Macro-error: can't find a sub-table named "12/2/2002"] problems.

11:28:27 PM    

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Spent a half an hour at TWiki tonight.  Lots of cool features. It's dissapointing that every wiki seems to have it's own special markup language.  Beats HTML.  That goes a double for built in features such as ZWiki's Issue Tracker and TWiki's calander and Database integration.

I like that ZWiki has DTML & newer Zope replacements behind it, though.  Need to look at using the dtml-calender in a wiki.  Glad that most of those features are available through Zope in ZWiki. Wish there were more real world examples out there...

The idea of a wiki scripting language is enthralling.  TWiki seems to use their own, ZWiki relies on Zope.  Wonder how others, such as SushiWiki handle such.  Zopistas seem to cringe at DTML, and features to make quick hacks easier (dtml-set) were not accepted by Zope's BDFL...not sure the reasoning.  I imagine that that the WikiLinks and (proprietary markup) does for HTML, this script language could do for DHTML+Server Side logic.  Can you include PHP in a PHPWiki?  Ramble Ramble Ramble..

Rarely Related Rant: Don't keep empowering features out of a product if they cause security issues in a public arena.  [ Example ]  Turn them off, and put a big warning sign on turning them on.  Reasoning? Security is much less of an issue in an intranet, where these features make usability leaps. As an example: Registration requirements on a public site reduce traffic.  Intranets have an even smaller and busier audience to attract.  ZWiki happens to contain this "security hole" that is mentioned in the above link. There are many warnings, and the default settings do not expose it. Note: Neither ZWiki or Squishdot allow Javascript without changing the product code...anybody ever have the desire to add javascript to a blog entry, or other community message/document?

6:38:30 PM    

Sunday, November 24, 2002

What it's all about.

Anyone know the name of the green guy? I'm not sure if I want to know. I like to call him "me."
8:30:38 PM    

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Just came across the Zope Abracadabra object.

"Abracadbra Object allows you even to use the Zope-Management-Interface as a comfortable GUI for little database applications."

...Wonder how that might relate or integrate with a ZwikiDataTable-er-ZwikiRecordBook..[link].

8:07:57 PM    

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