myelin: Python Community Server

provided free hosting for Radio, bzero and PyDS weblogs, 2002-2005

The Python Community Server was one of the early blog hosts, running from March 2002 until sometime in 2005 or 2006.

This site is now a read-only archive of the community that existed during that time. Enjoy!

If you had a blog here, it still gets incoming traffic, and you would like it to be redirected to your new blog, please drop Phil a line and he will set it up for you.

You are welcome to host a weblog here (it's free). If you already have a copy of Radio UserLand, you can move your existing blog over here. Otherwise, try one of the following:

More information

Python Community Server is an open source server for hosting weblogs, written completely in Python.

It implements the xmlStorageSystem protocol, so you can host weblogs produced with Radio UserLand, Python Desktop Server, and bzero.

* Discuss Python Community Server on the CommunityServerWiki.

Or: Run your own Python Community Server.


Phillip Pearson

* Second p0st
* PyCS noteblog
* PyCS development
* Myelin: Radio dev

Georg Bauer (German)

* Hugo's House of Weblog Horror
* PyDS weblog

Yasushi Iwata (Japanese)

* Discreet Blog


Topic Exchange channel: python_community_server

Programming and publishing news by Rogers Cadenhead

Square Rutabaga by Dean Goodmanson

Stani's Python Editor, by

Zia by Doug Landauer

Tech evangelism from Robert Barksdale

Bill Bumgarner's weblog

David Talmage's weblog

Kevin Altis' weblog

Roberto Alsina's weblog

Scott Lewis's Radio Weblog

number 5's bzero weblog

little Team Murder

Martin Gerber

Garth T Kidd's weblog

Hal Wine's weblog

Dale Gillard's weblog

Jeff Hodges's weblog

Fred L. Drake, Jr.'s weblog

The PyCS software

Version history from release 0.01 to the present

The README and some installation notes

Developers: Project homepage at SourceForge

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