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Georg Bauer: [PyCS-devel] question: better logging (per user)


I am unsatisfied on how PyCS currently does logging: it's all in one big
file and _before_ rewriting takes place. This makes up for very ugly URLs
when PyCS runs behind an Apache. My idea is to provide common log file
format per user, but _after_ rewriting takes place.

Now the question: how is that accomplished? The logging currently is added
on instantiation of the http_server, so it looks like that way can't be
used, but a manual log handler should be added. Is there an easy way in
medusa to do that?

The base idea is to be able to do webalizer like stuff with those logfiles
per user and so enrich the informations a user can get from his cloud. At
least hits/pages/files and stuff like that should be doable (although you
don't get hosts/views, as the IP get's lost when it runs behind an
Apache). I think about overviews of hits/pages/files/kbs per hour, per
day, weekly and stuff like that.

bye, Georg