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Georg Bauer: [PyCS-devel] New in CVS: better


Due to the changes to URL parsing in medusa, now the URLs for search
access were quite different and so several identical queries where seen
as different queries. Another problem from the very first version of was that it didn't see searches by several google sites as
the same search, but as different searches.

Both problems are now solved in CVS, searches are only their terms
coupled to the search engine (so it still makes a difference between
HORROR searched on google and aol, but not on and
What I currently don't do is ignoring the case of the search term, as I
don't know wether all search engines do that, too.

Another change is that now the maximum font size is 36 and not 72 as
before. Those very large fonts really stood out far too much :-)

Other changes over the last weeks include several additional search
engines both in and

bye, Georg