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Phillip Pearson: [PyCS-devel] Trackbacks displaying now

Right, I've got trackbacks, counts, and RSS feeds of trackbacks
displaying OK in the code in CVS. You can't post trackbacks yet,
although that's not so urgent as all they seem to be doing on
is increasing the amount of spam :-)


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Phillip Pearson: [PyCS-devel] Latest Postgres developments

Hey all,

I've just checked in code to move the users and mirroredPosts database
tables over to Postgres, to use psycopg instead of bpgsql, and to
completely disable MetaKit.

This brings the memory footprint on WAY down - like from 500 MB
down to 20 MB :-)

This also means that accessRestrictions and trackbacks are currently not
working. I plan to fix trackbacks soon, but I can't be bothered doing
accessRestrictions, as I don't use them. So be warned... if your access
restrictions are important, don't upgrade!

Georg, did you ever upgrade to a Postgres+MetaKit version of PyCS, or
are you still using the old MK-only one?


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