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Jeff laments the dysfunctionality he experiences when LaunchBar isn't running.

I totally sympathize.

I have gotten so used to banging <cmd><space> to switch apps as a sort of punctuation to my work flow that my keyboard has started to show signs of wear specific to <cmd><space>. Specifically, part of the cmd squiggly is gone.

Back when I was using LaunchBar on cheap PCs running OpenStep (good OS makes bad hardware passable), I hit <cmd><space> hard enough that the space bar on the cheap PC keyboard went flipping across the room. That was fun.

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Voters are Too Stupid to Understand!

From Drudge:

In what political watchers are calling possibly the biggest gaffe in years, former Vice President Al Gore is set to give a speech tomorrow on the perils of global warming -- on what is expected to be the coldest day in New England in nearly half a century!

Translation: Either voters are stupid or no one is interested in educating them, so we are going to make up a really big story about how Gore is stupid instead!

It seems that people do not understand and the press is unwilling to actually try to educate the reader that Global Warming is about the average temperature of the whole world rising. In other words, the total amount of energy contained within the atmosphere is increasing. While the average temperature may be increasing, the increase in energy also results in more variance within the weather patterns. A sustained increase in the amount of energy within the atmosphere will cause climatic changes, including permanent changes in weather patterns.

While high temperatures will increase, so will extreme lows. Worse, areas that don't normally have extreme temperatures one way or another probably will. Similarly, areas that are generally dry may have massive rain and vice-versa.

So, that fact that is butt ugly cold in NYC could certainly be the result of "global warming". Of course, it could just as easily be that cold because it was time to be that cold and not because of any climatic changes.

The press is full of dumbasses that are more salesman than factfinder. "If it requires more than 3 brain cells to understand what might be going on, we'll make something up that even total nimrods can understand -- any resemblance to truth is purely coincidental." It is too bad that so many people don't realize that that is the case and make an active effort to figure out what the hell is really going on before casting their vote.

Update: Roy Blunt, the republican representative from Missouri, took the opportunity to poke at Gore with the statement of "It is fitting that Gore chose one of the coldest daysof the year to spread false information about the Bush Administration's record on global warming. Mother Nature didn't agree with his message and neither do I. Al, it's cold outside". What a dumbass.

Regardless of the Global Warming thing, one event does not a trend make. Blunt should have learned that in the equivalent of junior high statistics. Not only has Blunt made an uneducated statement about global warming, he is further demonstrating his clue impairment using a single event as evidence supporting the uneducated statement.

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