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3.25 miles & washing machines

3.25 miles. Wonderfully still foggy morning.

Over the weekend, I installed a dryer and fixed the washing machine. Both jobs required dealing with user serviceable parts. Which surprised me. The consumer electronics and small appliance industries expects the customer to deal with devices as black boxes that are not to be opened or repaired by any but trained professionals. Yet, the large appliance industry still ships documentation describing various basic internal maintenance tasks and still offers replacement parts directly to the consumer (a new belt will cost $10.65 when the current belt finally fails).

It seems that the auto industry's attitude has shifted from DIY to Black Box as cars have become more computerized.

I enjoy taking things apart and making them work better or work again. While I find it a challenge to figure out and fix devices that are not "user serviceable", it is refreshing to work with devices where user service is supported by the manufacturer.

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Giving some a Dell DJ...

Giving someone a Dell DJ is like giving that person a cubic zirconia..

Random [almost verbatum] quote from tingilinde.

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