Bill Bumgarner


I Voted.

I voted this morning at about 8:45AM. Only took about 30 minutes from start to finish and we ran into a number of our neighbors.

Was completely painless.

My wife and I both opted to use the paper form, not trusting electronic voting in the first election where it will be widely used.

I did note one irregularity in the process. If you opt for a paper ballot, you get a traditional small "I Voted" American Flag sticker. However, if you used the electronic voting machines, you receive a big, full color, "Touchscreen Voter" sticker.

I have heard of problems at other polling places in California. A friend went to a polling place and was turned away because no one at the location could figure out how to use the electronic voting machines. Worse, she was not offered a paper ballot or made aware that a paper ballot was even available.

This is going to be a long and drawn out election, I fear. My hope is that the results are such a total blow out that it cannot possibly be chalked up to polling place fraud or broken e-voting machines.

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