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Crabs Revisited

Tonight, my wife and I decided to finally cook the leftovers from our V-Day Crab Feast. In particular, we decided to make crab cakes. As it turns out, crab cakes are not only incredibly easy to make, these particular crab cakes were really yummy, too.

Basic prep instructions. A bit imprecise because that's just the kind of cook I am.

1. Cook some live crabs or otherwise obtain a bunch of crab meat

2. Refrigerate the meat for a day or two

3. Put 1 lbs+ of crab meat into a bowl

4. Toast 3 or 4 slices of good bread (we used whole wheat) and make fairly finely ground bread crumbs

5. Mix bread crumbs with:

- 5 or 6 eggs - Old Bay Seasoning (or salt, if you don't like Old Bay) - Mustard Powder - Worcestesire Sauce - Fresh Parsley - Mayonnaise - White Pepper

6. Mix all of the above in with crab. Mix thouroughly. The end result should be a mixture that sticks together well (i.e. can be made into cakes). If it doesn't stick, add more bread crumbs and eggs.

7. In a hot cast iron pan, add white wine (about 1/4" or so), a quarter stick of butter and a bunch of fresh lemon juice. Let heat until the wine is barely boiling and all the butter is melted.

8. Make patties out of the crab, not too big, not too small.

9. Carefully put four or so crab patties in the pan

10. Cook until golden brown, dark brown (nearly burnt), in spots. It will take close to 10 minutes and the wine will be gone. The pan might even smoke a bit (turn down the heat, if it does!).


Worked for me.

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Clueless admins killing email...

Chuq has a great rant on what is really killing email.

I'm in total agreement. The number of total noise messages coming from stupid administrators doing stupid things is increasing rapidly.

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