Bill Bumgarner


Good Design.

Apple is not the only company that understands that good design is a key part of creating great products.

The New York Times wrote a neat article documenting the evolution of the TiVO's distinctive remote.

I have been a TiVo owner since September of 1999, not long after the TiVo was released. I can't imagine watching TV without a TiVo. Correction, I simply don't watch TV without a TiVo.

From the installation instructions to the on-screen User Experience to the implementation of the feature-set to the remote, the TiVo is just one really well designed, cohesive, product.

TiVo is also a company that has been a lot of fun to watch over the years. The company is one of the rare corporate entities that both knows how to produce good technology and survive in a very difficult business environment (not the dot-bomb stupidity, but dealing with the likes of the big media houses).

Clearly, TiVo has some big challenges ahead now that the cable companies are gradually adding PVR like functionality.

In any case, a hearty thanks to all involved in the TiVo's design!

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