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Subversion 1.0 Released

Subversion 1.0.0 is ready! Grab it from:

The MD5 checksums are:

32f2c6e8c7f97587f19275c4e3219363 subversion-1.0.0.tar.gz ee14f19960c7fa9f2640ff04acdce804 subversion-1.0.0.tar.bz2

Subversion is the work of many volunteers from around the world. It would be impossible to thank them all by name here, though they certainly deserve it. If you see a Subversion developer, documenter, or tester in the street, buy 'em a beer -- they've earned it.

Thanks also to CollabNet, which started the Subversion project and continues to pay for three (and sometimes four) full time developers.

Praise, blame, questions, and bug reports are all cheerfully accepted at

Enjoy, -Karl Fogel

With this release, I will never choose to use CVS again (though I'm sure I'll use CVS for years to come). Subversion is vastly superior to CVS.

If anyone is interested, I made a start at patching such that it can convert CVS repositories that use wrappers. It works mostly right for repositories that just have wrapped NIBs, but is less stable for those unfortunate repositories that wrapped resources whose inventory of contents changed regularly (EOModels). Additions aren't a problem. Removed files are.

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