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Subversion for OS X

Fred has built a set of Subversion 1.0 packages that can easily be installed on OS X. The packages include all the other random gack necessary to install both the client and server. That includes:

  • Apache HTTP Server (httpd)
  • Apache Portable Runtime (apr)
  • APR Utility Library (apr-util)
  • Berkley DB (db)
  • GD Graphics Library (gd)
  • GNU Privacy Guard (gpg)
  • expat (expat)
  • libxml (libxml)
  • Neon (neon)
  • PHP (php)
  • Subversion (subversion)
  • SWIG (swig)
  • TCP Flow (tcpflow)

All of the packages are tarballs and can be installed by doing something like:

cd /
sudo gnutar xfvzp swig-1.3.21.tgz
Fred Rocks! Thank you!

Fred's public iDisk is named wsanchez. Alternatively, mount the URL

in Finder (which can also be added to favorites in the mount window).

A README file stating dependencies is included.

If someone were to want to write a Cocoa GUI for Subversion, I would recommend having a look at the Python bindings and possibly using PyObjC.... but that's just me.

If you want to run subversion server, you'll probably want to configure Apache 2.0 to run on a different port than 80 (say, 8080). Trivial. You'll also want a block in your Apache config that looks something like:

<Location /svn>
DAV svn
SVNPath /my/svn/repos

### basic auth
#AuthType Basic
#AuthName "Subversion repository"
#AuthUserFile /my/svn/user/passwd/file

### separate read/write access
#AuthGroupFile /my/svn/group/file
#Require group svn_committers
#Require group svn_committers
#Require group svn_readers

Finally, if you don't know what the hell Subversion is, read the book or the FAQ. It is a really well engineered piece of software and runs circles around CVS (not that that is saying much).

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