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Bad humor within, don't bother reading...

ThinkGeek has some geek undies for valentines day that have HTTP server response codes printed on them. (Thanks, Fred!)

They include 200 OK and 403 Forbidden in a nice little heart shaped box.

I dunno about 200 OK. When I was still in that mode of thinking (single and desperate), I would much rather have found 100 Continue. Alas, 401 Unauthorized was much more likely.

307 Temporary Redirect could be useful for times when the system is down. Or, maybe, 305 Use Proxy.

Open relationships could probably use 303 See Other. I tried an open relationship once, it degraded into 301 Moved Permanently.

201 Created. Could be good, could be bad. Good for us, now I have a 3 year old son who totally digs legos.

402 Payment Required is illegal in most places.

If there is a 409 Conflict, it can often lead to 410 Gone.

Every man's fear is 411 Length Required or 417 Expectation Failed. Many of the emails I receive promise that in a few short months, I can receive 413 Request Entity Too Large instead.

Sometimes, all the signs say go but 503 Service Unavailable. Of course, many people fail to recognize and act upon the signs and then 408 Request Timeout.

Most importantly, 405 Method Not Allowed really does mean 406 Not Acceptable!

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