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Subversion 1.0 packages for OS X

I took Fred's Subversion 1.0 build and rolled it into Installer package using a packager derived from PyObjC's make_distrib script.

A disk image of the 1.0 pkg can be found on my public iDisk (copy/paste the URL into Finder's "Connect to Server" panel or go to the public iDisk of 'bbum').

It seems to work for me. The package contains all the server bits along with the client, but nothing is configured to run or do anything automatic. I.e. it shouldn't screw up your machine. All the bits drop into subdirectories below /usr/local/ and will hopefully not collide with anything already on a stock system. Use lsbom to verify the contents of the package, if you are concerned.

The package and disk image were built with the contents of this archive. Just plop whatever is to be packaged into a directory called packaging within the subversion-pkg directory and python (then fix the n details I left out and re-run).

To repeat: this package is just a hack I tossed together to make it convenient to drop Subversion onto multiple machines. It is just a wrapper around Fred's hard work. If something breaks, let me know. Yes, I know that a new release of Subversion is available.

Other Means of Obtaining Subversion:

Martin Ott (a co-founder of The Coding Monkeys and one of the brains behind the ultra-cool SubEthaEdit) has made Subversion 1.0 and 1.0.1 client Installer Packages available from his home page. He went through the trouble of statically linking all of the libraries and that in combination with it being client only means that his package is about half the size of mine. This post on a subversion related mailing list gives some more technical details. (Thanks, Martin!)

Fink also has a complete set of subversion packages. Tools for use with Subversion:

Some tools that work with Subversion:

  • SCPlugin is a Finder contextual menu that integrates Subversion (and CVS) functionality directly into the Finder. The badging daemon looks like it is going to be extremely cool.
  • svnX provides an OS X GUI for Subversion in a standalone app.

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