Bill Bumgarner


CSS for ReSTedit (and reStructured Text)

As a followup to my previous post, two folks have volunteered to take a crack at producing better CSS for use within ReSTedit and docutils. That would be a supremely welcome contribution.

I have rendered both A ReStructuredText Primer and reStructuredText Markup Specification. Each document embeds the default CSS included with docutils.

The ReSTedit README is a simple reStructured Text document that does not include the embedded CSS.

Note that this would benefit a lot more than just the ReSTedit community. docutils is the underlying formatting engine used by ReSTedit. It is portable to all platforms that run Python and has a good sized user and quite active user community. This subject has come up within that community several times and a choice of different CSS has been on the todo list for a long time.

Also, there is a growing community of weblogggers that are using reStructured Text for their posting. A variety of CSS would help that community, too.

Feel free to email me any CSS contributions. Anything that is an improvement will be added to ReSTedit and forwarded to the docutils community.

Update: Links to the spec and primer are [hopefully] fixed now.

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