Bill Bumgarner


Photoblog? Well, a collection of photos anyway.

Rock Creatures
I grabbed a Flickr Pro account and have started to populate my account with photos.

In particular, I created a Desktop tag that will contain all the various random photos I have taken that I like to use as desktop images.

The photos in this post were both taken at Bean Hollow Beach, a small beach covered in mostly pebbles with lots of rocks and tide pools at the north and south end. It is just south of Pescadero almost due west of Saratoga, CA.

Pile o' Barnacles

I also finally started to populate my Blogger based weblog. Given the tight integration between Flickr and Blogger, I am going to use Blogger as a sort of photoblog.

I would never have decided to dive totally into Flickr without Frasier Speir's wonderful Flickr Export Plugin for iPhoto. It makes uploading photos to Flickr from iPhoto totally painless. It will assign tags at upload and lets you easily assign titles and descriptions via a nice UI integrated straight into the export panel of iPhoto.

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