Bill Bumgarner


World of Warcraft Part II

My second month of World of Warcraft just expired. The plan is to pay month to month and skip a month or so in between.

So, back to the world of the hacker-productive, hopefully. I wonder how many open source projects have seen a significant slow down in their release cycles as a result of WoW?

It really is a very, very well done game. There is a bit of tedium to it after a while in that the core of the game is a kill-collect-sell-upgrade-rinse-repeat endless cycle. Fortunately, playing with a boatload of your friends, a huge variety of quests and just a really beautifully well done environment results in a very entertaining play experience.

Whether actively playing or not, I'm certainly going to follow the evolution of the Warcraft environment. Blizzard has laid a foundation that is pretty much unlimited in its potential. If the world ever becomes "too small", they merely have to add continents or new planets with means of traveling between. It is interesting to observe that the Warcraft setting is not free of technology, thus providing the potential for unlimited changes or additions through the use of creative inventions/devices.

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