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(ow) Biked (ow) to (ow) work (ow)

I finally got off my ass and biked to work today. It is exactly 6 miles and, of course, is pretty much totally flat.

Wow. I am in piss poor shape.

The ride was quite enjoyable except for that both my front and back tires have slow leaks. Slow enough that I didn't notice upon leaving home but fast enough that the back tire went flat enough to throw me in the middle of an intersection. Didn't hurt myself (fortunately, being out of shape means I go to slowly to seriously damage myself in a wreck) but I'm sure I entertained the drivers waiting at the light.

Update: OK. I now have rear panniers such that my center of gravity will be a bit lower. I also replaced both the front and rear tube. Why both tubes had such catastrophic leaks can only be credited to fatigue from disuse. I also replaced the rear tire with something a bit more pavement focused.

The goal is to actually commute by back significantly more often than not. Now there is no excuse.

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