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WebObjects Pub Night @ WWDC 2005

WWDC is next week. That would explain my relative silence on the technical front. I have been a tad bit busy recently.

On Monday, June 6th, there will be a WebObjects Gathering at the The Chieftain Irish Pub. It will start around 7ish and go 'til whenever.

Chuck Hill has a sign-up sheet. Chuck will also be running a couple of Practical WeboBjects sessions at WWDC, too.

Update: AhA! I knew there was overlap with something on Monday. Conveniently, at the same location, too. Buzz Anderson is hosting a webloggers dinner that evening. So, it looks like a good sized chunk of the mac weblogging community will also be at the Thirsty Bear that evening.

Update #2: Well, actually, the Thirsty Bear was overwhelmed. The WebObjects community gathering has moved to The Chieftain Irish Pub. Pretty much the same distance from Moscone as the Thirsty Bear, but in the opposite direction on Howard.

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