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Quack Quack, Waddle Waddle, Life in the Midwest

Quack Quack Waddle Waddle

Roger and I are spending a week with my parents in Columbia, MO. Quite the nice father day's present.

The duck pictured to the right is one of many of ducks that have been raised on my parent's pond for the benefit of various grandchildren. "Quack Quack, Waddle Waddle" refers to the silly duck song they play on Noggin. It is actually quite catchy. It also refers to the fact that the ducks are all trained such that my dad merely says "Quack, quack, quack" and they all waddle up to be fed.

Evening Pond

The above is a panorama of the pond in the evening. The pole on the opposite bank is a martin house. Full of rather large catfish, a bunch of blue gill, ducks, water snakes and the occasional muskrat.

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