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bbum's weblog has MOVED!

http://www.friday.com/bbum/ is the new home for my weblog. Of course, there is also a new RSS Feed.

You should be redirected in 7 seconds automatically.

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Big Fish & Moving.


Yup. That's a big fish. Biggest freshwater fish I have ever caught, anyway. It is a 9 pound catfish caught using turkey livers as bait while fishing in my parent's pond. The reel worked fine as long as you didn't catch anything over about a half a pound. As soon as that fish hit, the bloody reel would not wind and would freely spool line out when the catfish swam away from me. Fortunately, I have done enough handline fishing in the caribbean to know how to hand reel without losing a digit (a 15+ pound barracuda on a hand line puts up one hell of a lot more fight than a 9 pound catfish in a pond).

In other news, I'm moving the weblog. In particular, I'm bringing friday.com back online and will be moving the weblog to that URL. I'm also converting from bzero/pycs to WordPress. I can't say enough good things about Philippe and PyCS -- unlike Radio Userland, PyCS has been a total joy.

When the move is complete (there is an ever growing python script that parses the old content and uses XML-RPC to push the posts, with a lot of odd gymnastics in between), I will push out a new posting here that redirects to the new location.

Vacation hacking is fun.

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