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Saturday, 28 September 2002

After messing around for ages trying to get emacs to understand French characters in unicode (and it is NOT happy about it), I realised that what the leweblog guys are doing is encoding anything remotely dodgy into HTML.  Aha!  So now I can post with accents with bzero.  Makes for lots of typing though.  Using XML for the config file means you have to say stuff like:

description="le premier carnet web fabriqué avec <a href="http://www.myelin.co.nz/bzero/">bzero</a> sur leweblog.com"


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EffNews (Fredrik Lundh's RSS aggregator project) continues ...
7:44:49 PM    comment []

I just added leweblog.com to the list of options for the RSS comment monitor.

So now you can see comments for JY, Xtof and me.

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Oh good, PHP has a urlencode function to encode nonalphanumeric chars so you can put them in URLs.

c.f. urllib.urlencode() in Python.

3:56:43 PM    comment []

Now the comment monitor's RSS feed generator can tell you who's using it right now ;-)

I'm talking to Jake Savin about how to make this a builtin feature of Radio without costing UserLand a fortune in bandwidth.  Ideas?

3:28:41 PM    comment []

Use the /s regex modifier to match text over multiple lines.

For example,


will match


but not




will match both.

The perlre man page is good to read if you're like me and forget this sort of thing easily.

3:10:48 PM    comment []

... but it's going here because I'm definitely going to need to forget it.

In a Perl script, the array @ARGV contains the command-line arguments, but not the filename of the script itself; that's stored in $0.  Not the same as in C, where argv[0] is the path to the program under execution.  (Thanks to !AWARE for this).

With any luck, this will give you the path to the script (followed by a '/' if required) or just "" if the script is in the current directory:

# Get the path to the current script
sub getPath
    my $scriptPath = $0;
    if ( $scriptPath =~ m|^(.*/)| )
        return $1;
        return "";

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