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Tuesday, 30 September 2003

hmm, the "this post appears" lines shouldn't appear in excerpts ...

good.  now let's see what happens if i edit the post and re-ping ... does it update?  this is going to be a right pain in the ass to get going properly.

hey, great, it worked!  all i need to do is open the post and click 'OK'.  with any luck the timeout will kick in and stop this working (without an explicit login) an hour or so after the post has been made.

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it's interesting to be working in Radio again.  writing this way has a feeling of speed compared to using emacs over a ssh connection (which is how I write second p0st).  having a small edit inside a larger page gets annoying at times -- page up and page down don't do what i expect -- but apart from that it's pretty good.

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good - the topic list at the end of that last post updated properly.

now for a tricky test: a topic list in the middle of a post.  steps to do this:

  1. write a post (in Radio)
  2. assign it some topics in the client
  3. edit the post and add some more text below the topic line
  4. assign it some more topics

hopefully it should end up with the new topics showing in the topic line, which is now in the middle of the post.

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this is part #3.

O-K-!  finally got that working.  final test: change topics to just 'collaboration'.

great!  it worked!

so, now you can:

  1. see a list of your posts, with 'topics' buttons next to them.
  2. click on a 'topics' button to get a window with the post contents, an excerpt, a list of topics, and "ping", "add topics line", "cancel" buttons.
  3. click on some topics and "ping" to ping them all.
  4. click on some topics and "add topics line" to add the "this post appears in ..." lines

to do:

  1. make it remember which topics you used
  2. change the buttons to 'apply', 'ok', 'cancel'
  3. add un-pinging
  4. etc ...

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odd.  the channel pages were broken on my local copy of the Exchange.  when did that happen??  it was referencing an exception (db.InvalidLogin) that hadn't been defined yet.  that's an error that should have shown up straight away - not now.  why didn't my auto-test find it?  don't errors return http-500 responses when I use cgitb?

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argh, damn, radio just downloaded the trackback update and actually started pinging the channels i've been using for testing.  just went and deleted the bad pings.  in future, the urls will point back to the dev server!

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here's a dummy post with a single line.  once i add the topics line, it'll have two lines.  let's see if i can change the topic line without adding a new one ...

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Testing the topic exchange client ...

This post appears in channels: this_is_a_totally_f*&^@#*&$^ing_ridiculous_but_now_valid_topic_name

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  1. it has trouble figuring out if it's already put that message in there.
  2. the pings have been sent, but to the development server, so they don't show up if you follow those links above.
  3. the 'totally f...ing ridiculous' topic name is not valid, or at least that url isn't.

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