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Referrer log spam

The referrer log spam business is just starting up. Today, Mastodonte announced an offer to spam fifty thousand blogs with your URL for CAN$1500. I've also been seeing all over my logs recently.

To take care of this, I've created my own little referrer blacklist to go in the Python Community Server log analysis code. I'm making it public, and anyone else interested in cleaning up their log files is welcome to feed it into their own log analysis code. Here it is:
Got a URL you think should be in there? Tell me.

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While everybody has been talking about Chandler, the PIM Mitch Kapor's Open Source Applications Foundation is planning on developing, Diego Doval, the guy behind the 'blognovel' Plan B quietly announced his own spaces, which looks far less like vaporware -- in fact, it's nearly ready for distribution; here's what Diego has to say:

"I didn't want to release spaces until I could use it myself as a PIM, and it's basically there. What remains now before a first release is to do proper packaging, write installation instructions, etc."
It's written in Java (J2SE v1.4), although he's taken the time to give it a proper Windows GUI, which looks very nice so far. Apparently the performance is comparable with Outlook.

It will apparently be open source, under a license not unlike that of Movable Type -- free for personal or noncommercial use.

Looking forward to seeing it!

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