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Python Community Server and RSS weblogUpdate pings

Since the recent changes to Radio and bzero, I've been seeing rather a lot of duplicate pings in the updates page on, as Python Community Server was just ignoring the category name. Now it doesn't -- it will fire back an error if you give it something other than 'none' (the same thing that RCS does).

In CVS now.

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Parsing XML in chunks

Charles Miller needs a way to parse XML in Java that doesn't block on the input stream.

I've been working on a web server in C++ that needs to parse lots of different XML streams at once in a single thread, and I've found the expat parser works fine. Is there a Java interface to it? I know there's a Python one.

When using expat, you instantiate a parser, define and tell it about a few callbacks (that the parser will call when it finds the start of an element, char data, the end of an element, and so on), then when you get some XML to parse, you call a function to say "parse the n bytes of text starting from this pointer" and it does that.

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