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Latest PyCS changes

A few more behind-the-scenes changes to PyCS tonight. Georg Bauer has been busy making use of the bits of cloud data that PyCS hasn't been storing so far. The cloud status page on my copy of Radio is starting to return meaningful data, for the first time ever!

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UserTalk to Python

Dave Winer:

Yesterday I wrote a very simple suite in Frontier called aggyBaby, that uses the new aggregator XML-RPC interface to build a very bare-bones but super-fast static page of the latest stories from the channels I've subscribed to. I think I'll release the UserTalk code in the hope that someone will convert it to Python and/or Java.
Sounds like fun. I'll do Python!

I've done a quick port: here's the code. It seems to work so far, generating this page out of my weblog's RSS feed.

To get it going on your machine, you'll also need to download the template. Save that and somewhere, and run It'll ask your for your login name and password. If you don't know what these are, go here to add or change them.

It will then go and interrogate the locally running copy of Radio for aggregator data and save an item summary like mine as aggyBaby.html.


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