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New community server

Georg Bauer is running a Python Community Server at He's also made some changes - contributed code to get the hit counting and referrer tracking in PyCS working the same way as RCS - automatically, so you don't need to hack around with cron jobs and Apache logs. Thanks, Georg! I'll be looking at the patches soon and hopefully making the 0.11 release sometime in the next week or two. For the impatient, you can see the code at work by comparing his clean, concise referrer log (new code) with my complete but messy one (old code).

One cool thing about his server is that he's translated the front page into German and made a customised Radio installer so you can quickly and easily set up a blog on his system. So, German Radio users - looks like this is where you should be hosting your blog ;-)

He's also written an essay on PyCS and Radio, and why Radio makes PyCS into much more than just an FTP server and a web server. Or at least that's what I could understand from the Babelfish translation. Nice.

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