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Where the passwords and prefs are stored in Radio (a walkthrough)

Most of the time, if you want to find the code for something in the Radio web interface, you open the Radio console, hit Ctrl-J, type radio.html, hit enter, and pick the most likely sounding function.

However, the prefs are different.  What are prefs, you ask?  These.  All the config for your blog.  They're a little trickier, because there's a bit of architecture in there to make changing the text easier than it would be if they were all individual HTML-generating functions (and to make building the prefs system much easier).

Open the C:\\Program Files\\Radio UserLand\\www\\system\\pages\\prefs.txt file.  It's calling radio.prefs.browseSystemPrefs().  Aha!

So: back to the console, hit Ctrl-J, type radio.prefs, hit enter.  Look down a little to the bit where it talks about  That's where the prefs are.

Now: Ctrl-J,, enter.  Expand english, then outlines, and open prefs.  There you have it: all the prefs.

The reason I'm going through this is that I'm trying to figure out where passwords are stored, so I can tell someone how to recover her password.  Here's the password page.  Look at the URL: pref number 6.2.  I guess that means pref number 2 in block number 6 ("Advanced").

Well, there it is: radio.prefs.special.passwords is the function we're looking for.  Ctrl-J, etc.  Look down in there, and it seems that the passwords are in  Ctrl-J, etc.  And it looks like we're there!  Mine is hex encoded, for some reason, but that's easy to get around.

So, there you have it.  If you have lost your Radio UserLand password, but still have a copy of Radio that knows the password, you can find it like this:

  1. Open the Radio console
  2. Hit Ctrl-; (yes, control-semicolon)
  3. Type
  4. Click the 'Run' button

Your password should show up at the bottom of the little window that appeared when you hit Ctrl-;.


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Today's change: updates, rankings, and referrers now have more links between them. From the updates page you can get to the rankings page, and by clicking on a blog name in the rankings page you get its referrers.

Getting close to version 0.12, we are.

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New version of referrer ranking script up

GB has done a new referrer ranking script that has a cool new feature: sorting by referrer, last reference or count. Nice.

Testing it now - check it out and tell me if it's going for you.

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