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Square Rutabaga in trouble?

It looks like something's wrong with Dean's Radio install.

Tonight I republished many times.

Packed the .root files

Published some more.

Seems a post to the Collaboration Connection may also have been lost. Arg!


I'd like to try reinstalling, but pretty sure one of my data files is horked, and the backup notes essentially say backup all but a couple of the files, and most anything to do with data.

Wonder if Phil would have a backup of any of these files worth regathering.

Is there a way to rebuild a Radio install with everything but the .root files? (I think those are my culprit.)

Hmm. The .root files store all your data, so getting rid of them will kill your blog completely.

If your Radio install is screwed, one thing to try is:

- make a complete copy of your Radio UserLand directory

- uninstall

- reinstall and let Radio run, but shut it down when your web browser pops up with the "It worked!" screen

- copy weblogData.root from your backup directory (Radio UserLand Backup\Data Files\weblogData.root) into your new Radio UserLand\Data Files directory. Also copy everything from www.

- run Radio again with fingers crossed

This will help if the problem is in one of the other databases, for example Radio.root, which contains all of Radio's program code. weblogData.root contains all your posts, and www holds templates and stories.

If you've backed up your blog with the new blog browser code (can't find the link to the howto right now), you may be able to restore this month's posts.

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