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phpStorageSystem is functional and seems to work reasonably well to upload a weblog to a PHP server.  If anyone wants to test it, now is the time.

It's missing lots of features but those will come in over time, as with Python Community Server.  Most notably, it won't let you delete files yet, and none of the referrer/update/ranking pages do anything.  Those aren't necessary though :)

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If you're doing any XMLRPC work, especially if it's in PHP, take a look at xmlrpcdebug.  It's a slightly modified version of the example proxy in the Medusa tutorial, and it will dump out whatever goes through it.

It's great for XMLRPC in PHP, because when something goes wrong in PHP it writes an error to the browser.  In this case, the 'browser' is an XML parser, which will choke horribly on the error message and give you a cryptic error message.

Using xmlrpcdebug, you can see what's actually happening.

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