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Weirdness happening

Radio does some strange things sometimes.  I just changed my URLs around and suddenly I'm getting this error:

[Macro error: The file "C:\Program Files\Radio UserLand\www\#prefs.txt" wasn't found.]

I've changed something; let's see if I get it again now.

Later: Argh!  Again!  Putting the tool from theXmlFiles in my Tools folder completely fragged my Radio install for some reason, and a reinstall plus community server change is giving me that error again.

Later still: Brute force prevails as usual.  Repeatedly hitting 'publish entire website' seems to have done it.  Has anyone else seen this problem?

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That was a bad idea

Woah, that was a mess.  It still doesn't quite work.  I'm pulling back on the Manila-style URLs because they're going to make life difficult if I ever have to host this site somewhere else.

Still struggling with mod_rewrite!  It seems that the Redirect permanent directive doesn't play well with RewriteRule et al - if you rewrite something and tell it to proxy it somewhere else, your redirects get completely ignored.


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