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Now (apparently) compliant with the Linux FHS

For quite a while, PyCS hasn't been particularly nice to install.  It's still not easy, but it at least puts itself in the right place ;-)

The Unix world has a thing called the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, which tells you where everything ought to go on your system.  Basically, config files go under one tree (/etc), data files go in another (/var), and executables in another (/usr).

Previously we were putting the whole thing in a user directory (/home/www-radio) and the server was just dumping its log output to stdout (which was redirected to a log file).  Now it logs properly to /var/log/pycs/access.log.  Anything remaining on stdout now goes to /var/log/pycs/etc.log, and any errors go to /var/log/pycs/error.log.

I also fixed a bug that appears to have been preventing anyone from posting comments.  Hopefully that one hasn't been around for too long; I seem to recall posting a comment the other day and having it succeed.

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Almost a third of a year

Cool; the box (icicle) running appears to have managed to stay up for quite some time now:

icicle:/var/lib/pycs# uptime
 21:24:35 up 103 days, 10:42,  2 users,  load average: 1.07, 1.11, 1.05

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