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Interop between blogging tools

I've been messing around a bit with various different blogging tools over the past few months.  I'm interested in interoperability between different systems - specifically reducing the coefficient of friction involved in transferring posts and comments between blogging tools.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I documented some of what I've found out.  So - here it is:

Weblog Interop

I'm using CityDesk to publish it, so the first article is about that.  CityDesk is more of a whole-site CMS than a blogging tool, so it's great for writing up a bunch of notes (which don't suit the date-based organisation you get with blogging tools).

Next is Radio, which I've been using for this blog for a little while now.  Here's that article.  No introduction needed; I think everyone knows about Radio by now.

It's all pretty techy stuff - database structure and the like; however I figure that most of my readers (all 9 of you ;) are tech types.  Enjoy!

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