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SharpBlog: coming soon

In the spirit of ThinBlog, I'll be releasing a little metaWeblog API client (in C#, for .Net systems) soon.

Watch this space.

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More on the Java CS ...

Cool - Dave has posted some more info about his Java Community Server.  Looking forward to having a play with it.

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Sigh ... Something is seriously screwed up here.  I posted to notes for the first time this month, and promptly got the #prefs.txt error of death.  I applied the usual fix (republish entire blog, wait, try again) and it went away.

Then I posted to devlog, got the same error, tried the fix, and Radio crashed (see Figure 1).  When it came back up, it was trying to upstream to instead of  Crash.  Restart.  Change community server.  Republish all.

Time to make a Radio-to-bzero exporter.  And a Radio template parser.

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A community server in Java, coming to you soon?

Hello to Dave Bryson, who is working on a Java Community Server.  Interesting!

It'll be good to have someone else working in the alternatives-to-RCS field.  I wish him the best of luck in his efforts.

Also interesting to hear is that Charles Miller's unreleased Java CS is about as far along as my phpStorageSystem.  I need to get around to finishing it.  Anyone want to help out? ;-)

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