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Latest version of Strip-o-Gram

The Python library that strips unwanted tags out of dodgy HTML, that is ...

It's available from Chris Withers' page.

I've been using a pretty old version (after Georg told me about it) for a bit now, but it seems to have trouble with ' (apostrophe) - it turns ' into &apos instead of leaving it alone. Let's see if this has been fixed ...

Update - it seems that ' doesn't actually exist (check it yourself) in HTML, so it's entirely reasonable that stripogram should ignore it. I guess it's an XML thing then?

So much for using sgmllib for parsing XML.

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Lots of new users ...

Loads of new users on this week. Does anyone want a better URL?

usernum 76: Lateral Opinion
usernum 77: Rabid Ramblings ][
usernum 78: Brainsplit
usernum 79: Michael Beaulieu's Radio Weblog

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