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XML feeds for comments

YACCS has a very clever feature; it generates an XML (RSS) feed containing all your recent comments.

If you use this feature, you can run an aggregator like Radio, FeedReader, AmphetaDesk etc and get a popup (or a note in the middle of your news feed) when someone adds a comment to one of your posts.

The Python Community Server will have a comments system like this one day.  For the moment, we have the next best thing:

XML feeds for comment threads

At the bottom of every comment page (here's an example) there will be a white-on-orange XML icon, just like on the front page of all Radio weblogs, which links to an RSS feed for that particular comment page.  It's not the same as what YACCS does, because that doesn't fit in well with the way the comment system works just yet.

There's also a tiny coffee mug, shamelessly stolen from Jon Udell's channelroll widget.  Clicking on that will bring you to the news aggregator page in your local instance of Radio or Peerkat, if it's running, with the RSS URL automatically filled in.

Comments (and of course: the RSS feed for this thread)

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