development log

Tuesday, 25 June 2002

News flash: templates easy to edit

It's not perfect, but now the page template (in Blogger format) is stored in the database and you can edit it with a single click from the 'Blog maintenance' dialog.

That means you can now have a template for each blog, rather than being stuck with one per DotBlog install.

Does this mean we're stable?

Interesting thought: DotBlog hasn't thrown any exceptions (crashed) on me while posting any of the last few posts.  Does that mean it's starting to become 'stable'?


Almost all of the 'essential' features are in there.  Time to make an installer ...

Creating Jet databases from scratch

To make an installer, we need to be able to create a blog database from scratch.  To save time so far, I've been building mine in Access.

Some (hopefully) useful links in this article about interoperating with CityDesk from a new site (blog?) I'm making about interop with different blogging / templating software.