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Opera Chokes

Even after the stylesheet editing Opera still gags on the layout. I'm not sure that I really care because things are still readable but not pretty. I included a couple more changes this time around to hopefully clean it up a little bit and not seem like an elitist, Win32 hating bastard which is deceptive because I am.

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Format Fixin

I had a little time tonight after dealing with a bunch of buggy ass scripts that were making my machine unhappy and bringing the average load way too high for a desktop machine. I decided to start hacking away on the template for this. The way that it was rendering in Mozilla was frustrating. The sidebar and main body sections were totally overlapping and making everything look wack. I'm also a little weird about justified text so I went ahead and changed that too.

The biggest change was adding a width value to the big box class and setting it to around 80 percent. I also added a 3 em left-margin to keep the content from stepping all over the left side bar. Stuff like that drives me absolutely bananas although I'm done with catering to IE 5.5 ever again. I drove myself crazy by trying to get Team Murder to render correctly in IE and finally gave up. I'm going to take a look at this in a couple of different Linux browsers and see if they render things correctly now. I'm rapidly discovering that I need to dust off those Python books that have been sitting next to my desk for months and months. This is just enough like Perl for me to really get myself in trouble. I have to say that despite my kicking and squirming about whitespace being part of the syntax the code is very readable. I hate it when other people are right.

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Back Here Again...

I'm finally getting around to messing with this new toy some more. I really want to start editing templates for it but I spent a good deal of the tonight messing with the main distraction and implementing some changes that I probably should have a very long time ago. Nothing like catching up on a whole lot of busy work to mentally exhaust you. I'm still pretty astonished at how fast this works especially if you opt not to ping which was interesting the first couple of times since I've never seen the actual output and error messages from either of the ping sites. Yes, sleep is coming whether I like it or not.

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