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School Starts, Everything Else Stops

It's the unfortunate truth that everything not quite essential comes to a screeching halt until I get burned out enough on all things academic to let it all slide again. I'm finally doing a little work towards learning at least the base essentials of XML which is both incredibly complicated and pretty easy (especially compared to SGML) but still not quite essential.

I threw up (look at the layout and you'll see how appropriate this verb is) a quick and dirty site for my band. Go to this place for some best effort four track recordings. They're not great and like all four track stuff the vocals are much, much louder than they need to be. We put my amp in a bathroom to keep the guitar from bleeding into everything else. That is some quality engineering!

As always, much more goes on there even when not much is going on here. I've set aside a weird testing sort of headspace for this place and I'm not really in a testing state of mind at the moment.

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