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Monday, 25 March 2002

Cool - we have one external user; Rogers Cadenhead - #0000001!
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Some answers to questions:

When will it be available?

When I've got the hit & referrer counting going, removed the stuff that's specific to my own install (a lot of URLs are currently hard coded, for example) and done a proper security audit.  I don't want to release the source for something until I know it's stable and secure.

Where did I get the spec from?

http://www.soapware.org/xmlStorageSystem has Dave's notes on an earlier version of the wire protocol that Radio uses to talk to the RCS.  I had to reverse engineer some bits though.  I wrote a script to test my own implementation of xSS, and ran it on radio.xmlstoragesystem.com instead, then went through and implemented all the bits that weren't in the spec.  Then I pointed Radio at my own server and hacked at it until it worked.  Radio expects to see certain variables that aren't in the spec (especially when running the changeCommunityServer script), so this took a little while.

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Hello to everybody who's followed the link from Scripting News!

It's fun to watch the hits scrolling past in the server log today.  It looks like nothing has broken, which is good.  Nobody's tried upstreaming to the server yet - that should be interesting :)

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