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Monday, 13 May 2002

Python Community Server v0.04 is available now.

Formats: source tarball | SourceForge CVS

This includes the refactored comment system with comment formatters to make comment presentation more flexible.  These are the files in the comments/ directory: each one defines a class 'formatter' which will generate a representation of a comment thread.

The following formatters are included:

  • HTML - this makes a web page out of a comment thread.  You're seeing the output of this formatter when you click on a comment link in this weblog.
  • RSS - this makes an RSS summary of the comment thread.  Click on the white-on-orange XML button on a comment page to see the output of this formatter.  This lets you subscribe to a comment feed

Plans for the future:

  • Finish the authentication system to enable the following:
    • Comment editing and deletion (to allow authors to clean up defaced comment threads).
    • Web-based administration
  • Add a new index to the comment system to enable the following:
    • Email notification - PyCS will mail you when someone posts a comment on your site.
    • Aggregated RSS feeds - RSS feeds that include more than just a single comment thread:
      • Weblog feed - An RSS summary of all comments for one weblog
      • Site feed - An RSS summary of all comments posted to all weblogs hosted by a copy of PyCS.

As always, contributions and feature requests are welcome.

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