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Tuesday, 23 July 2002

Mark Paschal mentions a few things he's planning on coding:

A TSR for Windows that turns windows transparent with a keystroke

I've seen something like that.  Is this it?  Here's a shareware tool that will set transparency and various other things.

A Radio tool that auto-replaces acronyms and acronymic abbreviations in posts.

Can't you do that with Radio's glossary already?  Or do you want it to replace them without having to put the words in quotes?

Robert Barksdale and I have been working on a thing we call 'the X of Y', which is a kind of software thesaurus: it points out the analogies between things.  Inspired by Jon Udell's article 'thinking by analogy'.  It would be cool to be able to auto-generate links into there.  It needs more definitions and analogies though; we're just starting out at the moment.

Interactive web access log analyzer: instead of getting a static set of reports, build queries like "referrers of all the 404s" or "requested URLs of all the hits referred by Google," and get tables and charts dynamically generated. I know it takes a while to crunch that kinda data, so this would be good for exhibiting or attaining>wrt data structures.

That would be very cool.  I've seen a tool for Windows that does that.  Maybe SawMill is what you're after?

That Mozilla WYSIWYG HTML editor. [...] fake it with a div and textarea (this was my original plan: have the HTML in a hidden/invisible textarea to which the actual keystrokes go, and just set a div's innerHTML (or build DOMwise) whatever's in the textarea [...]

Doesn't Mozilla have an HTML editor object (like IE's 'DHTMLEd')?

I wrote a parser for Wiki-style formatting commands in JavaScript a little while back: you type in a normal textarea and the JS automatically renders it into a little 'preview' box.  Not as nice as a WYSIWYG one, but it was useful for editing Wiki pages (you could see where the links went to, etc).

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