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Monday, 25 November 2002

It's interesting to look through the Internet Archive (via its 'Wayback Machine') to see how a site has changed over time.  Today I had a browse back to see what the Radio UserLand website used to look like.

The first snapshot was taken on Aug 15, 2000.  At the time, Radio's tagline was "Program your personal Internet radio station".  Radio was a playlist sharing app - you would use it to queue up your own music, and it would post all the data to OurFavoriteSongs.Com (which is now a shadow of its former self).

The next snapshot taken by the Wayback Machine shows a more familiar feature list.  Radio was still being billed as "The programming environment for music on the Internet", but the feature list, halfway down, includes a 'Weblog editor'.  The outliner was the number one feature.

The December 2, 2000 snapshot carries the tagline "The times they are a changing": after seeing the carnage after the RIAA took on Napster etc, Radio turned into an editor for web directories.

The outliner came back in February 2001, when Radio became "a collaborative outliner".  It's the first Internet outliner and personal Web server".

The aggregator appeared later in February.

The box shot appeared in March, when both the weblog editor and the aggregator appeared as major features.

Unfortunately, from then on the only cached pages bear the following message, which will be familiar to anyone operating badly behaved web crawling apps ;-)

"Your crawler is hitting our servers gtoo hard. Please slow down, it's hurting the service we provide to our customers. Thanks. webmaster@userland.com."

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