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Wednesday, 5 March 2003

  Source: Sam Ruby; 2003-03-05; 12:43:25 p.m..

wx3pa. Mostly to get a feel for what development with wxWindows is like, I mocked up a three paned aggregator using ActivePython, wxPython, and Mark's ultra-liberal RSS parser.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with it now, but I've uploaded the source for others to marvel at and/or ridicule.

[Sam Ruby]

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  Source: markpasc.org; 2003-03-05; 12:44:08 p.m..

Imbubble. An incomplete app for displaying blo.gs updates as Windows XP bubble tips. (683 words) [markpasc.org]

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  Source: Curiouser and curiouser!; 2003-03-05; 12:44:09 p.m..

Free XML editor.

Altova Offers Free Software License for Authentic 5 Browser Enabled XML Document Editor.

Altova Inc. has announced the public availability of Altova's XML document editor product Authentic 5 under a free software license. Authentic 5 is a customizable, light-weight, and easy-to-use XML document editor. It allows business users to create and edit content through a web-enabled interface that resembles a word processor. Authentic 5 supports WebDAV and HTTP, with real-time document validation and multilingual spell checking.

[From Cover Pages Newsletter]

Checking it out now.  I already use XML Spy but this might be a better choice when editing markup for my new website (which I am hoping to deploy using xSiteable)

Thank you Altova.

[Curiouser and curiouser!]
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And the winner is.......

The winning plan, shown in an architect's model, includes a 1,776-foot spire. 

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Daniel Libeskind, the son of Holocaust survivors whose first sighting of the United States was the Statue of Liberty, has been chosen to be the lead architect for rebuilding on the World Trade Center site, sources familiar with the decision confirmed Wednesday.

[Marc's Voice]
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hehe - Jean-Yves nous montre un photo:

Please don't take pictures! I am a rebel.

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