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How to tell Radio to use this server

It's really easy to tell Radio to host a weblog here instead of at the default location.

Just go to the changeCommunityServer page and change the server:


Pick a password, then click on the 'Change Community Server' button.  Radio will then connect back to UserLand to download some templates (that might take a while), then will set itself up to work on this server.

Here is some information on how to move back to the original UserLand server.  If you then want to come back here; don't panic, just use changeCommunityServer again.  Unlike UserLand's server, this one automatically checks to see if you've been here before, and it won't give you a new usernum every time you register.


Once you've switched, you need to do a couple of things to get everything going properly:

Upstream everything

If you've upstreamed before (to another server), Radio often gets confused as to what's already there and what isn't.  To tell it to upstream your *whole* weblog to this server:

  • Open Radio: Right-click the Radio icon (in Windows, it's next to the clock in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and click 'Open Radio'
  • Click on the 'Radio' menu, then 'Publish' and 'Entire website'.
  • Wait :)

Sometimes Radio gets into a loop where it upstreams something over and over.  To fix this, quit Radio and start it up again.

Set your templates up again

It seems that your templates all get wiped out when you switch servers.  This will happen whether you're switch to a copy of RCS or if you're coming here.  You'll need to set everything up again.


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