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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I need to add a links list on this site...but for now


Midwest HIMSS

American Hospital Association   Missouri Hospital Association    HIDI   World Health IT


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So...looking around the Microsoft link posted earlier I found the HIMSS/HUG Conference information.  You can read the agenda and get an idea of what Information Technology is current. 

I am not being critical to point out that the agenda for these Healthcare conferences has not changed much in the last ten years.  It just seems like things don't happen very quickly in this area.

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I just read some information about Microsoft's recent acquisiton of Azyxxi and it stirred me to begin to post.   So I am getting the dust off of this Blog....

I don't know if any of my experiences with Healthcare Information Systems can help others.  I used to be very active in the field of HIS/CPRI....

So, I guess with all of these blogs, they either take off or just sit there....here is a link to a Microsoft link...


Here is a quick search for Azyxxi on Google...

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