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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Current state of blogging

A day after Jon Udell summarizes this, Don Box spouts that

This entries Commentary replaced with the following editorial:

I've not been in a mood to write lately.  When I've tried it's accompanied with a grievance to have researched and experimented more, noted mostly by including way more rhetorical questions than I'm willing to commit for discussion or let stand as an empiricless opine. I've been in my current locale long enough to notice enough recurring tedium and will save you from that, even though I may be able to make my day to day non-profesional interests amusing. (Wish we could have lunch. Blogging has thankfully satisfied this gap for many years now.) Other topics such as Soylent Green Is Embreos and arm-chair Project Management Methodology notes are also lacking in either real world experience or willingness to dialogue cc:World. Perhaps I haven't the guts, but I've no ambition to alude to my current employer's industry activities. There's also the matter of getting all the appropriate hyperlinks in place and checking for blogosphere and Daily Planet's redundancies. And as I've said before, noting annoyances gets annoying fast. Stay courteous and enjoy the coming weekend.

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