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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I could use a bit of feedback.  I enjoy lurking the Python community but have little time to follow up or daily blog the nifty stuff I notice without postponing or missing things closer to home.   90% of these items also get blogged by the Python community newsfeeds, or the Daily Python-URL, anyway.

I will continue to post when:

Conclusion: Pardon my excuse for fragmented blog entries crammed into this navel gazing blurt.

11:38:12 PM    

There's an available May 28, 03 ActiveState webcast demonstrating Python Development in Visual Studio.Net.  No commentary here, just talking @ billboards.

10:55:46 PM    

"If your web site uses free software exclusively, you might not realize how big of a deal CMF for Zope (page 14) really is. Proprietary content management systems have high-priced licenses and still require you to do substantial customizing. This might be the article that makes you a web hero at work, so pay attention. "-

But it looks like Plone was covered in April.: . "Two of many are Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge: a dive into Plone, the killer app that might bring Zope-based content management to the masses"

...and another from the March 2002 archives with a good bit of DTML perspective.

10:48:49 PM    

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